Jurad Mountain


Jurad Mountain
Event zone (Level 70+)

Jurad Mountain, also known as Eslant Dungeon, is an event held twice daily at 7:40 am and 1:40 pm Game Time. Please see our Game Events page for accurate information on when the next Jurad Mountain event starts.

Sign up starts at the given time at the [Prospective Knight Squad Captain] Legure/Beldan in Eslant. 10 minutes after sign-up you will be transported into the dungeon and teamed up with 7 other people of your nation and will be facing a party of 8 of the other nation. The objective is to kill all NPC's before the opposite nation does.

You will have to go through 3 rooms, filled with 4 monsters each that need to be killed. After each one dies, it will spawn 5 smaller monsters that also need to be eliminated. Each of those monsters has a chance to drop Jurad Mountain gems. The opposite nation has their own 3 rooms and will not be allowed into yours.

Upon completion of the 3 rooms, you will be able to enter the center room with the end-monster called "Deva". The nation who gets the last hit on this monster will win the Event and be rewarded with one extra gem according to their level. Those rewards are shown below. The losing nation will receive one extra black gem.

The gems may be turned in at the Chaotic Generator in Moradon for a random
item. For probabilities of the rewards,
click on each gem color below.

Reward gems for winning Jurad Mountain







- 70-72 73-74 75-76 77-78 79+
Teleports From:Karus Eslant, El Morad Eslant
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