Nereid's Island


Nereid's Island
Lunar War

Nereid's Island is a war map with different rules from the ordinary Lunar War.

There are 7 different monuments on the map which can be occupied by destroying them.
Each monument is worth 2 points which are added to the owning nations's accumulated points.
The first nation to capture all 7 monuments wins (although there's a "rush time" of 15 minutes; before this time is up, it's impossible to win).
If this doesn't happen within 60 minutes, the nation with more accumulated points wins.
Supplies sometimes spawn on the map. If the nation that is lagging behind in points destroys the Supplies, they get 50% of the point difference between the two nations.
Destroying supplies doesn't help the nation in the lead, but it's better to deny the opponent the opportunity.
Teleports From:Lunar Valley
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