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Login ServerOnline-K2 TestOnline-
Ares 1Online-Ares 2Online-
Athena 1Online702Online399
Diez 1Online-Diez 2Online-
Resurrect 1Online1294ResurrectionOnline807
Resurrection 3Online76Resurrection 5Online79
Resurrection 9Online85Atlantis 1Online1202
Xigenon 1Online-Xigenon 2Online-
Beramus 1Online-Beramus 2Online-
Ephesus 1Online1036Cypher 1Online-
Cypher 2Online-Attila 1Online1033
Olympia 1Online-Olympia 2Online-
Anatolia 1Online1056Edana 1Online219
Edana 2Online-Europa 1Online-
Manes 1Online225Manes 2Online-
Pathos 1Online207Pathos 2Online-
Logos 1Online250Logos 2Online-
Ronark 1Online-Ronark 2Online-
Girakon 1Online-Girakon 2Online-
Akara 1Online-Akara 2Online-
Carnac-East 1Online226Carnac-East 2Online-
Carnac-West 1Online255Carnac-West 2Online-
Ionia 1Online345Ionia 2Online-
Kronos 1Online376Kronos 2Online-
Helios 1Online745Helios 2Online313
Helios 3Online-EventOnline-
Titan 1Online1098Titan 2Online180
Titan 3Online-Titan 4Online-
Destan 1Online1225Destan 2Online361
Destan 3Online679Destant 1Online-
Destant 2Online-Destant 3Online-

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