We are proud to present to you our very first beta-version of player information!

The information brought to you here is still experimental. There is still a lot of work to be done to improve the functionality to a standard we would like.

We are aware of many features that need adding, people that are missing, in some cases out-dated results and so on. Please do not message/post about these issues as we are fully aware of them and working on it.

Bugs/missing features we are aware of:

  • Out of date entries and missing people.
  • Our display looks crappy. It needs some re-working but is on a lower priority.
  • Sometimes it happens that two or more people are displayed with the same NP or LP rank. This happens when one of them has changed rank but has not been caught by our updates. Due to the current low frequency of updates this might happen quite a lot of times. Keep an eye on the last updated time to see how accurate the information is.
  • The players HP is based on the time we added/updated them. It's impossible for us to tell wether or not they were buffed.
  • Some clan information pages are not displayed yet
  • If you do however find a real bug in some pages that is not listed above, please do let us know.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

  • NO, we cannot see any accessories & jewlery a player is wearing, nor will we ever be able to. Sorry. Don't even try to ask.
  • NO, we cannot tell the amount of NP/LP people have. Be happy we can get the exact rank :)
  • The "Average Price" page shows just that -- the average price people are merchanting an item for. This might or might not be an accurate estimate.
  • We have no idea when a new feature/update will take place, we are working at this in our spare time for the good of the community (but we don't get paid for it!).
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