NPC - [BaseScout] Crable


[BaseScout] Crable
Level: 200
300,000 HP
Found in: Ronark Land Base

Quests available from this NPC
[Mission] Ronark: Harass Enemy Stronghold
Cursed Monster hunt
[Repeatable]Two Faces of Monks I
[Legless Devil] Attack of the Devil Army
[Legless Devil] Base Defense I
[Legless Devil] Base Defense II
[Legless Devil] Base Defense III
[Great Battle] War Clouds over the Stronghold
[Great Battle] The First Day: Struggle
[Great Battle] The Second Day: Revive
[Great Battle] The Third Day: Counterattack
[Great Battle] The Fourth Day: Defeat
[Great Battle] The Sixth Day: Coexistence
[Prophetic Poetry of Light] The Second Attack of the Devil Army
[Prophetic Poetry of Light] Prelude
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