NPC - [Captain] Fargo


[Captain] Fargo
Level: 90
120,000 HP
Found in: Karus

Quests available from this NPC
Scouting Report
Monster Suppression Squad (II)
Guardian of 7 Keys
The Beginning of a New Adventure 1 (Karus)
The Beginning of a New Adventure 2
The Beginning of a New Adventure 3
Hero of Border Defense Guards
[Descendant of Hero] Attack
[Descendant of Hero] I
[Descendant of Hero/Boss] Horrible Spoil
[Long Revenge] The Second Attack
[Long Revenge] Everything
[Long Revenge/Boss] Revenge vs. Revenge
[Self-made Hero] It
[Self-made Hero] Unmeltable Armor
[Self-made Hero] Is it really Unmeltable?
[Self-made Hero/Boss] Fighting is the best way
[Failed Mission] Another Hero
[Failed Mission/Boss] Securing Retreat Route
[Hidden Truth] Bitter Retaliation!
[Hidden Truth] I do permit your participation.
[Hidden Truth/Boss] Barbarian King
[Regained Honor] Identity of the Betrayer
[Regained Honor] Downfall of Betrayer
[Legless Devil] Triumph
[Legless Devil] Root of Evil
[Legless Devil/Boss] King of Devil Tribe
[Great Battle] The Fifth Day: Victory
[Great Battle] Sovereign in Collusion with Evil
[Great Battle/Boss] The End of the Tyrant
[Prophetic Poetry of Light] Trace
[Prophetic Poetry of Light/Boss] God of Light
[New Hero] Found the cause!
[New Hero] Name of the Demon
[New Hero/Boss] Under the name of the Knight
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