Server Status Application


 Program Purpose :

This application creates socket connections to the desired Knight-Online game servers to determine if they are online or offline. This application also provides a web browsing form that is set to a specific address (Knight-Online FTP for direct download of patches) for the user’s convenience. The target audience is the Knight-Online gaming community. 

Program Screenshots :

The following prerequisites are required:

    * Windows Installer 3.1

    * .NET Framework 3.5

If these components are already installed, you can download the application now. Otherwise, click the links above to install the prerequisites.

Download : latest source code here

Download : latest compiled version here


Notice : 6/01/09 - Version Released

* Version Updated server IP's, Added k2testserver, removed Ionia 5 and added a sound option that will announce when a server changes from online to offline and vice versa.

4/27/09 - Version Released

* Version added new servers.

2/4/09  - Version Released

* Version added Function -> Always On Top -> On/Off

Posted by Synthetic on 2009-06-02 03:43:56
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