Monster Stones


Monster Stones are items dropped by certain mobs. When in a party, only the party leader can use the stone. Using it will warp you to a dungeon that is similar to Monster Suppression Squad III. Monsters in this dungeon may drop Fragments of Steel, Fragments of Augite and Old Accessories. (The 3rd ingredient, Training Stone, must be purchased from Jewel for 1 million Noahs.)

20~29Kecoon's Boss
Degenerate's Nest
30~39Scorpion of Minark Forest
Spirit of Goddess Imir
40~49Birth of Dragon
Memory of Ancient Paladin
50~59Scent of Piana Knights
Harpy's Nest
58~60Ekion, the Red Magician
Memory of a Treasure Hunter
61~72Cursed Crystal
Knight in Blood Red
73~83Forgotten Subjugation Force
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