Hitchhiker's Guide to JPKO


Appendix: Locale

Since this has come up several times, here's how you change your locale on Windows 7. It should work similarly on a different version of Windows.

Open the Control Panel and look for an icon that looks like a globe with a clock next to it. It should be called something like "Area and language settings".

After clicking on the icon, you get a dialog with many settings. What you want to change is on the last page, labelled "Language for applications that don't support the Unicode standard". It has the admin icon next to it (however in Windows 7 this doesn't trigger the admin popup).

Click on the button so you get a window with a drop-down list. Choose "Japanese (Japan)" from the list. Then click OK and restart your computer when asked. When you no longer need the locale setting (e.g. once you finish setting up the alternate launch method), you can use the same procedure to change your locale back to the original setting.

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