Hidden Features


The following features are implemented in Knight Online World. They were explained once but usually they aren't in the focus of attention and the news items about them have scrolled out of view. Note that these don't apply to other versions of Knight Online.

Non-premium users are not allowed

This is the most famous hidden feature. Each server has an internal "cap", for example 1400. When the number of users on the server has reached this cap, any players trying to connect with no premium are turned away with the message. Players with premium can login still and therefore the number of players can go above the cap this way. If too many premium players connect at once, you'll instead get the message "The server is full, try again later".

Trade block for having valuable items

If you have more than 200 in your inventory, or 400 in total on the 3 characters and inn, of an item that has a shop value of at least 100,000 Noahs (this includes most upgrade scrolls), your account will be blocked from trading. This is usually resolved during maintenance, whereby the offending items are deleted, making you able to trade again. This was implemented as a method against dupers to prevent them from duping lots of valuable items.

Only 31 upgrades allowed per login

If you try to upgrade beyond the limit of 31 (this counts all kninds of upgrade, including normal, rebirth, enchant, successful, failed), you get the message "Cannot perform item upgrade". You can relog to get a fresh 31 chances. This was implemented to make life harder for bots set to auto-buy items from the weapon/armor merchant and then upgrade them.

No EXP/Noah from low-level monsters

If you hunt a monster that's 14 or more levels below yours (see the list), you aren't eligible for any EXP or Noah reward. This only applies if you are killing in solo. In a party you still get EXP, but not Noah if any player who attacked the monster is too high level. Additionally, item drops (such as quest items) are not affected by this feature. This was probably implemented to combat gold farmers.

Shouting costs coins for low-level characters

Characters below level 30 must pay coins to use the Shout feature. This apparently useless restriction was implemented to combat gold farmers using shout chat to advertise their sites.

Can't trade with low-level characters

Characters below level 30 are blocked from trading and merchanting. This was implemented to combat gold farmers.

The Numeric Keypad

When you select a server you get a numeric keypad asking for your sealing code. However, this is currently disabled so any number can be entered except a single zero. New players are usually not aware of this since the news items regarding this have scrolled out of view.

A note on the history of the keypad: originally it was intended that you enter a 8-digit code on the keypad whose layout changes every time. This would stop hackers who use keyloggers to steal your password. However, when this feature was activated, the population of each server decreased by 90%, since players didn't bother to set up their codes during the 2-week period after it was announced. The website was then overloaded and most players couldn't set their code even if they wanted to. So the keypad was declared an "epic fail" and put out of function within a few hours. K2 mentioned that they were going to implement some sort of optional (and perhaps paid) extra security feature with the keypad in the future, but there have been no signs of it.

Comments from the author: The keypad is not an adequate solution to the hacking problem. Since most "hacking" is actually result of account sharing which is a standard in USKO (even though unsupported by K2), sharers would pass on the security codes to other people, putting even their sealed items in peril (without the keypad, the code is entered so rarely that it's harded to steal). The "Personal Code" feature of JPKO would work wonders in this regard, as it's only entered once you log into the game, and you don't have to enter it in order to play, although your actions are limited if you don't enter it. With a few additional restrictions, this feature would severely limit the damage caused by "hacking" after account sharing.

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