lotto of a turkey bind item
Zombie Eye Yellow Gem
Wolf's Heart White Rice Cake (Increase Running Speed)
White Rice Cake (Increase HP) White Rice Cake (Increase Defense)
Wheat gluten Weapon Enchant Scroll
Water of love(Store) Water of love(Coloseum Event)
Water of love Water of life(Store)
Water of life(Coloseum Event) Water of life
Water of grace(Store) Water of grace(Coloseum Event)
Water of grace Water of favors(Store)
Water of favors(Coloseum Event) Water of favors
Water of bless(Store) Water of bless(Coloseum Event)
Water of bless Village Key
Unique Item Lotto Ticket Tyon Meat
Turkish Flag Trophy of [Search Captain]
Trophy of [Outpost Captain] Trophy of [Base Spearhead]
Treasure Chest Transformation Scroll 4
Transformation Scroll 3 Transformation Scroll 2
Transformation Scroll Transformation Gem
Tooth of Smilodon Theo's Muffler
Theo's Hat Theo's Glove
Tentacle Teleport Item
Teeti's Muffler Teeti's Hat
Teeti's Glove Talisman
Tail of Shaula Tail of Lesath
Sweeping Potion Super durability Shell
Super MP Shell Super MP Shell
Super HP Shell Super HP Shell
Super Durability Shell Styx
Stone of life Stone of Warrior
Stone of Rogue Stone of Priest
Stone of Mage Stage1 Guard Tower
Spell of lion strength(Coloseum Event) Spell of life
Spell of flame Spell of fire ball
Spell of Lion's Strength Speed-Up Potion
Speed up liquid medicine Social Science Sector
Snowman(Karus) Snowman(Karus)
Snowman(El Morad) Snowman(El Morad)
Snowman Theo Snowman Theo
Snowman Theo Snowman Teeti
Snowman Teeti Snowman Teeti
Snowman Poroom~ Snowman Poroom~
Snowman Poroom~ Snowman Nunu
Snowman Nunu Snowman Nunu
Snowman Snow ball
Snow ball Small Snow Ball
Sling Silvery Gem
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy
Silver Trophy Silk bundle
Scroll of shell Scroll of Magic Power
Scroll of Intelligence Scroll of Health
Scroll of Attack Scroll of Armor 50
Scroll of Armor 150 Scroll of Armor 100
Scroll of Agility Scroll of 750 HP Up
Scroll of 500 HP Up Scroll of 250 HP Up
Science Sector Scarlet's Moss
STR+ Scroll Royal Knight's Medal
Royal Emblem Retrieving Clan Member
Resurrection Scroll(50) Resistance Scroll
Red Potion Red Gem
Recommendation Item Recommendation Item
Ram Key (Event) Ram Key
Rabbit Premium Lottery
Prayer of rage Prayer of love
Prayer of life Prayer of grace
Prayer of god's power Prayer of favors
Prayer of bless Practice Cannon Ball
Potion of wisdom(Coloseum Event) Potion of wisdom
Potion of spirit(Coloseum Event) Potion of spirit
Potion of soul(Coloseum Event) Potion of soul
Potion of sagacity(Coloseum Event) Potion of sagacity
Potion of recovery Potion of intelligence(Coloseum Event)
Potion of intelligence Potion of Wisdom
Potion of Spirit Potion of Soul
Potion of Sagacity Potion of Intelligence
Potion of Ancient Spirit Potion for increasing intelligence
Poroom's Muffler Poroom's Hat
Poroom's Glove Polish Flag
Poison arrow of harpy Poison Sack
Pink Rice Cake (small) Pink Rice Cake (middle)
Pink Rice Cake (large) Physical Attack Scroll
Persistent HP Scroll Opal
Nunu's Muffler Nunu's Hat
Nunu's Glove Nova Shell
Nova Shell Noah Potion of Soul
Noah Holy Water of Grace Nightmare Crystal
Mythril vessel Mythril Pauldron
Mythril Pads Mythril Helmet
Mythril Gauntlet Mythril Boots
Moving Tower Math Sector
Material of Wizard Mask Material of Whirlwind Candy
Material of Scream Mask Material of Pumpkin Mask
Material of Pumpkin Candy Material of Halloween Spear
Material of Halloween Cane Material of Devil Mask
Marble of Trial Magical Enhancement Rock
Magic Hammer Magic Attack Scroll
MP Shell MP Shell
Lotto Lost Present
Lightning Resistnace Potion Leader Car Key (Event)
Leader Car Key Large Snow Ball
Language Sector Ladder Truck Key (Event)
Ladder Truck Key (Event) Ladder Truck Key
Krowaz's Fantastic Cube Korean Flag
Knight's Medal Kiss
King's Medal Key to 90th floor dungeon
Key to 80th floor dungeon Key to 70th floor dungeon
Key to 60th floor dungeon Key to 50th floor dungeon
Key of Hell Keilan's Scale
Karus wife Karus husband
Japanese Flag Hyper durability Shell
Hyper MP Shell Hyper HP Shell
Holy water of Temple Holy water
Holy water Holy Water of Ancient Grace
Hell Abyss 8th floor key Hell Abyss 16th floor key
Heart of Haunga HP Shell
HP Shell HP Scroll
Green Pearl Green Gem
Green Rice Cake (small) Green Rice Cake (middle)
Green Rice Cake (large) Gold Trophy
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy
Goblin Pauldron Goblin Pads
Goblin Helmet Goblin Gauntlet
Goblin Boots Glutinous Rice Cake
Glacier Resistance Potion Giga Hammer's Fragment
German Flag Gavolt wing
Gabolt Scales Fragment of Sloth
Fragment of Rage Fragment of Lechery
Fragment of Jealousy Fragment of Gluttony
Fragment of Avarice Fragment of Arrogance
Fountain Fireworks Fountain Firecracker
Foreign Language Sector Flower Firecracker
Flower Firecracker Flame Resistance Potion
Firecracker Firecracker
Firecracker Firecracker
Firecracker Feather of Harpy Queen
Fantastic Helmet-shaped Frame Fantastic Gauntlets-shaped Frame
Fantastic Gaiter-shaped Frame Fantastic Boots-shaped Frame
Fantastic Armor-shaped Frame Fang of Bakirra
Familiar Summon Familiar Channeling
Explosive arrow Event Firecracker
Event Firecracker Emblem of Honor
El Morad wife El Morad husband
Durability Shell Durability Shell
Dredium collected from wing bones Dredium collected from ribs
Dredium collected from jawbones Dredium collected from horns
Draki's Wing Feather Draki's Solidified Blood
Draki's Horn Powder Draki's Flame Pocket
Document of Sloth Document of Rage
Document of Lechery Document of Jealousy
Document of Gluttony Document of Avarice
Document of Arrogance Desperation Abyss 20th floor key
Desperation Abyss 10th floor key Defense Scroll for Ladder Truck
Defense Scroll Danish Flag
Cursed Upgrade Scroll Cursed Bone
Cuff Binder's Hide Crystal of Trial
Crystal Crude Sapphire
Confidential State Document Confidential State Document
Claw of Stegodon Christmas Tree
Christmas Present Chinese Flag
Chamber of Sloth Transport Scroll Chamber of Rage Transport Scroll
Chamber of Lechery Transport Scroll Chamber of Jealousy Transport Scroll
Chamber of Gluttony Transport Scroll Chamber of Avarice Transport Scroll
Chamber of Arrogance Transport Scroll Certificate of Sloth
Certificate of Rage Certificate of Lechery
Certificate of Jealousy Certificate of Gluttony
Certificate of Avarice Certificate of Arrogance
Catapult Nova Shell Catapult Key
Catapult Key Canadian Flag
Calling Friend Scroll Bullet
Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy
Bronze Trophy Bone of Dragon tooth
Blue Potion Blue Gem
Blood of Glyptodont Black Gem
Bezoar of Glyptodont Bezoar
Bee Sting Attack up liquid medicine
Attack Speed Scroll Armor Enchant Scroll
Ancient Dragon Tribe Therapist's Blessed Stone Ancient Dragon Tribe Swordsman's Blessed Stone
Ancient Dragon Tribe Spiritual Wizard's Blessed Stone Ancient Dragon Tribe Spearman's Blessed Stone
Ancient Dragon Tribe Ice Wizard's Blessed Stone Ancient Dragon Tribe Fire Wizard's Blessed Stone
Ancient Dragon Tribe Fighter's Blessed Stone Ancient Dragon Tribe Bowman's Blessed Stone
Ancient Dragon Tribe Assassinator's Blessed Stone Ancient Dragon Tribe Agent's Blessed Stone
American Flag Alacrity potion
Abyss Wing Abyss Lullaby
Abyss Holy Water(S) Abyss Holy Water(M)
Abyss Holy Water(L) Abyss Gem
Abyss Fire Abyss Eye
Abyss Blessing