Lune Items

Zignon's Will Wolfman's Toe Nail
Wolf Hide Will of War
Will of Victory Voucher for Siege War Item
Virgo Vegetable
Urkthron's Essence Unstable Kentaraus' Heart
Undying Bone Trophy
Trethonz's Essence Throwing-knife
Throwing Knife Third key
Third Certificate of Suffering Telegram
Teeth of Bandicoot Tea Guk Ki
Talisman of Talia Rogue Talisman of Talia
Talisman of Talia Talisman of Destruction
Stamp of Strength Stamp of Magic Power
Stamp of Intelligence Stamp of Dexterity
Spell of thorn Spell of impact
Spell of Thunder Blast Spell of Glacier Blast
Spell of Fire Blast Smirdon Meat
Smirdon Hide Skull
Sixth Key Sixth Certificate of Suffering
Silver cross Silver bar
Silver Feather Silver Coin
Silan Bone Seventh key
Seventh Certificate of Suffering Secret Sword
Secret Scroll of Lunar Secret Scroll of Dark Lunar
Second key Second Certificate of Suffering
Scroll of Seal Scroll
Scream Scroll Scale
Rotten Eye Ronark Land Intro
Ronark Land Information Paper Ronark Land Base Information Paper
Ronark Intelligence Report Ronark Intelligence Report
Ring of Nusram's Love Ring of Klasras's Love
Ring Rental Scroll
Red Treasure Chest Red Key
Red Envelope Reconnaissance Report
Reconnaissance Order Reconnaissance Map
Recommendation Proof of Spirit
Proof of Orc Bandit Boss Proof of Body
Promise of Training Poison Knife
Poison Knife Pincer Poison
Palace Guard Armor Distribution Ork Talisman
Ork Talisman Order of seven key
Oath of Darkness Nusram's Reply
Nusram's Amulet Nostrum of Wisdom
Nostrum of Speed Nostrum of Magic
Nostrum of Constitution New Year's Gift[100 thousand Noahs]
New Year's Gift[10 million Noahs] New Year's Gift[1 million Noahs]
New Year Lottery Moradon Intro
Meat Magic Shield Scroll
Magic Jewel Powder Love Letter
Libra Letter of Nusram's Heart
Letter of Klasras's Heart Leo
Klasras's Ring Klasras's Reply
Kekoon gallbladder Kekoon Armor
Karus Symbol Karus Intro
Karus Infiltration Order Kantarose's Heart
Judgment Scroll Iron bar
Instrument Hydra
Horn of Comprehension Holy water
Holy Water of Poison Green Treasure Chest
Grape Ripper's Certificate Gold bar
Gold Coin Goblin Armor Formalwear
Gem of bravery GaruKonga's Essence
Full Plate Armor Distribution Fourth Certificate of Suffering
Forth key Flour
Fish First key
First Certificate of Suffering Filtered Water of Evil
Fifth key Fifth Certificate of Suffering
Fang of Wolf Man Fake Information Paper
Event Item Voucher Ester Chest
Energy Rock El Moradon Castle Intro
El Morad Symbol El Morad Infiltration Order
Dungeon Key Dragon's Marble
Dim Essence of the Uruk Clan Dim Essence of the Haunga Clan
Dim Essence of Tree Spirit Dim Essence of Dragon Teeth Soldier
Dim Essence of Black Magic Devil's Marble
Cure Potion Crimson Treasure Chest
Corona Borealis Copy of Information Paper
Complete Goblin Armor Colmicola's Essence
Coarse Ground Bone Certificate of Training Knight Squad
Certificate of Royal Knight Squad Certificate of Royal Knight Squad
Certificate of Hunting Certificate of Duel
Certificate of Accredited Knight Squad Certificate of Accredited Knight Squad
Cardinal Jewel Canes Venatici
Bulture Horn Bronze Coin
Branch of a Wooden Ghost Brain of Centaur
Bracelet of orc bandit Book of Suffering
Blue Treasure Chest Blue Key
Blood of wolf Blessing Potion
Black silk spool Black Key
BBQ Dish Asga Fruit
Arrdream Intro Arrdream Information Paper
Armor Distribution Armband of Magic Power
Arcas Animal Blood
Alkeradeua's Essence Acid potion
Absolute Power Scroll