Screenshots & Recording



How-To take pictures in-game

Press the '-' key on your numeric keypad (on the right hand side of the keyboard).


Some laptop users do not have a keypad, but instead a "Function" key. Press this key first, and then the small '-' on the top side of another key (this is different from laptop to laptop).

How-To record video in-game
Press the F12 button. If you desire better quality, you can change the resultion by clicking on the arrow and selecting '640x480'.

Click the 'Start Rec' button to start recording. Press F12 again to stop recording.

In-Game Recording


To record video in-game, you need a MPEG-4 Codec. This is usually not installed by default.

The original m-game codec can be downloaded from the Korean website at this link (or alternatively from our server here).

After downloading, first extract the zip file to a new folder, then rightclick on the MPG4INST file and select "Active Install" ... and it should install automatically.

How to install mpeg-4 codec

Posted by Magicality on 2008-04-29 20:11:10