Loot sharing


As a clan, you will be able to kill as many strong bosses as you can find, given the right organization and appropriate number of people online. Nowadays, killing bosses is easy, the hard part is finding them, and distributing the loot afterwards.

There are many different popular ways of deciding what will happen with any possible loot, however no matter which method you choose it is HIGHLY recommended that ALL drops be passed to the clanleader and/or assistants as soon as they are dropped. This should be standard procedure and always followed, no matter what will happen afterwards. As a clanleader, insisting on receiving all drops immediatly will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Popular ways to distribute drops:

-> The drop is sold and all people helping to kill the boss will receive an equal share of the proceedings. This is often applied when non-clan members helped to kill it but is not recommended as clan drop policy.

-> Merit system: Clanleader (and assistants) decide who should receive each drop on a case-by-case basis, usually based on participation in clan, activity, boss hunting, PvP, and more.

-> Clanleaders create sort of a "DKP" system. What happens is that all people helping to kill a boss will receive a "point". Drops are then given to either the people with highest points after some given period of time, or can be bought from clanleaders with a sufficient amount of points.

Posted by Magicality on 2008-07-14 13:56:15