Castle Siege War


Castle Siege Wars are a massive PvP event, in which clans battle for control of the the Delos zone. The objective is to destroy the center crystal artifact in the middle of Delos Castle and prevent any other clan from destroying it. The clan which holds the crystal after one hour of war-time is victorious.

The clan winning a Castle Siege war will:

- Have their clansymbol displayed on four flags at the Delos Castle

- Be able to /town and respawn directly inside the castle, not needing to run across the desert

- Be able to change the taxrate and collect all taxes from the Delos and Moradon zones (clanleader only)

Players of any level may participate in Castle Siege Wars as long as they are in a clan that is at least Grade 4. In addition, your clan needs to be Grade 3 in order to take over the center crystal artifact.

Castle Siege Wars are currently held twice weekly accross all servers, on wednesday and saturday. On those days, at 11:30 am Game Time, a 10 minute warning will be displayed across the screen. During this 10 minute period, no skills are allowed to be use inside the Delos zone. The assault starts at 11:40 and ends at 12:40 Game Time. Please see the Game Event page for accurate timing of the next Castle Siege War.

Strategies for clans attacking the crystal artifact are described in detail here, while strategies to defend the crystal are described here.

Posted by Magicality on 2008-07-15 09:32:34