Knight Online Help


Moving characters
With the mouse, click on the move destination.
[A, S, D, W] [, , , ] Front, Back, Left turn, Right turn
[Y] button controls Run/Walk status.
Clicking on [E] button automatically advances character to the front.

Opening windows
[I] Open inventory window
[U] Open character window
[K] Open skill window [F10] Open Help window

Using tools
Open inventory by clicking on [I] on the keyboard.
Drag-and-drop the item to be acquired in the item window at the top. Or right-click on the item.

Click on [R] while clicking on opponent or double click on opponent

Retrieving items
Clicking the mouse over a dead monster creates a routing window and clicking again on the item to be acquired collects the item.

Sit[HP, MP recovery]
Character sits and recovers rapidly by clicking on [C]. Character stands up when [C] is clicked twice or when the character moves.

Selecting targets
[Z]Select closest opponent
[X]Select closest party member
[B]Select closest NPC

Changing perspective/focus
To change the perspective click on the F9 button or the camera icon.
Perspectives can be chosen from 1st person, 3rd person (fixed perspective), 3rd person (rear), 3rd person (front).
3rd person (fixed perspective) is adjustable with the mouse.
Zoom in/out can be performed with the mouse wheel
Adjusting perspective right/left, and zooming in/out is performed by moving while right-clicking on the mouse.

Show/hide character name
[O] Show/hide character name, toggle

Opening menus
Click on [M] at the bottom left

Opening quick menus
Right-click on selected character

How to enter text
Hit Enter, type in the content, and hit Enter again.

Standard conversation
Chat is displayed in white font and only to players in one's vicinity.

Whisper can be performed by clicking on the Whisper button or by entering
[/Whisper character name whisper content] in the chat window.
Thereafter, players can talk to other players by chatting in the whisper window.

Shouting can be performed by clicking on Shout on the chat window or entering [!] at the beginning of the chat window. With Shout all characters within a designated vicinity are able to view the conversation. Preset MP's or SP's are consumed by performing shouts.

Party converstation
Party dialogue can be performed by clicking on Party Dialogue in the chat window or by entering [#] at the beginning of the chat window. Party dialogue is indicated in blue font.

Clan converasation
Clan dialogue can be performed by clicking on Clan Dialogue in the chat window or by entering [$] at the beginning of the chat window. Clan dialogue is indicated in green font.

Coalition conversation
Coalition dialogue can be performed by clicking on Coalition Dialogue on the chat window or by entering [&] at the beginning of the chat window. Clan dialogue is indicated in sky blue font.

Chatting filter
Dialogue can be hidden by clicking on the top left of the dialogue window and deactivating dialogue. Check the box to see the dialogue again.

Hide chat window
Clicking on the circle at the bottom left of the chat window or pressing the number [9] hides the dialogue window. Pressing on number [9] or the [] button will make it reappear. In Options, players can choose to turn dialogue on or off.

Acquring skills
After undergoing job change at Level 10, 2 points are awarded for each level.

Upgrading skills
Open skill window [K] and click on the skill you wish to place.

Using skills
Open skill window [K] and click on skill after registering it in the hot-key window or press [1]~[8] buttons.

Selecting skill hot-key windows
Skill hot-key window can be adjusted with the [F1]~[F8] keys or [Page Up][Page Down].

Warrior skill
[Attack] Attack skill
[Defend] Defensive skill
[Passion] Skill that supports attack and defend
[Skill information can be gleaned by opening the skill window.]

Mage skill
[Blaze] The most powerful fire-element magic
[Electric Shock ] Can induce opponent to faint or nullify magic or skills cast.
[Cold draft] Can slow down enemy's actions.
[Skill information can be gleaned by opening the skill window.]

Rogue skill
[Archery] A skill that uses the bow and arrow
[Assassination] Usually uses daggers and powerful single blow attacks can be performed.
[Search] Assorted skills for survival and seeking out enemies
[Skill information can be gleaned by opening the skill window.]

Cleric skill
[Amulet,Spirit] Decreases opponent's ability or resurrects friendly forces
[Ecstacy,Aura] Raises ability of friendly forces.
[Treatment] Recovers EXP or Constitution of friendly forces.
[Skill information can be gleaned by opening the skill window.]

Master skill
A useful combat skill and special skill according to jobs that can be used after the 2nd job change

Acquring EXP
3 EXP are awarded for every level-up and 5 points for every level-up from Level 60 and on.

EXP description

Strength : Increases physical ability to wage close-weapon attack for all classes except rogues.
Constitution : Increases HP of all classes; with warriors and rogues, Stamina Point SP increases along with HP
Dexterity : Increases rogue's Dagger, Bow Attack Power and Attack Success Rate, and Evasion Success Rate of all classes.
Intelligence : Determines Manna Power (MP) of Celebrants or Mages and affects Magic Defense Power.
Magic Power : Increases Magic Attack Power

Raising EXP
Click open character window [U] and place the desired amount of EXP.

1st job change
[Grand Merchant] Kaishan of Moradon performs job changes at Level 10.
Upon job change skills designated for each job will be acquired.

2nd job change
Job change is performed at Level 60 and characters must go see the job change NPC for each class.
Upon job change master skills will be learned.

Player-to-player transactions
Click on [/Transaction] in the chat window or Transaction in the quick menu.
Place items and price in the transaction window and click Confirm. If both parties confirm the transaction, the transaction is complete.

Player-to-store transactions
Click on Merchant NPC and right-click on the mouse.
Select transaction and the transcation window will appear.
Drag-and-drop merchant's items to the bottom when buying items. When selling items, drag-and-drop to the bottom the items you wish to sell.

Using the merchant system
The Merchant system can be used by entering [/Merchant] in the chat window. Determine the items to be sold and the price and begin the sale.

Using the storage
Right-click on the innkeeper. Select Use Storage in the menu.
Items can be drag-and-dropped or right-clicked to place in or remove from storage.

How to form a party
Click [/Party] or click on Party on quick menu. Parties can be up to [+] or [-]8 levels from the character level, or up to character level [times1.5] or [divided by 1.5].

How to obtain a party
Party can be formed by talking with other players. If you enter the [/Seeking party] command in the chat window, party search bulletin board will pop up which displays available players eligible to form parties with your character. and party invitations can be extended to them.

How to leave a party
Characters can leave a party by entering [/Withdraw from party] in the chat window or by clicking on Withdraw shortcut key. If the party leader leaves the party, the party will be disbanded.

Receiving quest
Characters are automatically informed of available quests when they reach the appropriate levels. A yellow [?] on top of the NPC's head indicates available quests. Quests can be undertaken and quest information can be obtained by clicking on the quest NPC.

Completing quests
Upon completing a quest, the NPC who has assigned the quest will issue the award. A yellow [!] on top of the NPC's head indicates available quests.

Obtaining quest info
Details on current quests and future quests can be obtained with the [F10] key. Further details must be gleaned by individual characters, friends, or through other knights.

Can be performed by Scroll Merchant Karon in Moradon beside the magic anvil with upgrade scroll and upgradable items.

Which items are eligible for upgrades?
Upgradable items are limited to upgradable items in indicated in purple and gold unique items. Levels are indicated on all upgradable items.

Obtaining upgrade scrolls
Upgrade Scrolls can be obtained with Noahs from Scroll Merchant Karon in Moradon beside the magic anvil or by hunting.

Upgrade scroll functions
[Strengthen Worn Item Scroll] Items upgradable up to +5 with a relatively low success rate.
[Strengthen Item Scroll] Items upgradable up to +10.

[Elemental Scroll] Bestows additional effects on weapon's Attack Power or physical damage reflection option on shield.
[Reduce Scroll] Reduces restriction on weapon or armor usage.
[Immune Scroll] Bestows Magic Immunity on armor.
[Enchant Scroll] Bestows ability indicator on each armor.
[Despell Scroll] Changes the element of upgrade staff.

[Worn Elemental Scroll] Bestows additional effects on weapon's Attack Power or Physical Damage reflection option on shield. Has relatively low success rate.
[Worn Reduce Scroll] Reduces restriction on weapon or armor usage. Has relatively low success rate.
[Worn Immune Scroll] Bestows Magic Immunity element on armor. Has relatively low success rate.
[Worn Enchant Scroll] Bestows ability indicator on each armor. Has relatively low success rate.

Upgrading standard items
Upgrades are performed with items to be upgraded and scrolls corresponding to item level.

Upgrading unique items
Only upgradable unique items can be upgraded. Whereas unique items which have not turned into upgradable unique items have no indications after the item name, transformed items are inicated with a (+1). Upgradable unique item can be produced with a unique item which hasn't been transformed and Expensive Elemental Scroll. 500,000 Noahs are consumed upon the upgrade.
Upgraded items can be further upraded with Expensive Item Strengthen Scrolls.

Where are upgrades performed?
Can be performed with the magic anvil at the center of Moradon adding a mix scroll and 3 identical accessories.

Obtaining mix scrolls
Accessory Mix Scrolls can be obtained with Noahs from Scroll Merchant Karon in Moradon beside the magic anvil.

Mix scroll functions
[Accessory Mix Scroll] 3 identical accessories are mixed to produce an accessory of a higher level.
[Accessory Enchant Scroll]Creates endowment of additional EXP option on a select (+10)accessory.

Mixing standard accessories
Mixes 3 identical unique items, unique accessory, and mix scroll in a magic anvil.
When the accessory reaches (+10), it can be turned into (+1) accessory of the next level via Accessory Enchant Scroll. Accessories are endowed with additional EXP depending on the scroll. Transformed accessories can be mixed up to (+5).

Mixing unique accessories
Mixes 3 identical unique items, unique accessory, and mix scroll in a magic anvil. Mixing cosumes 2 million Noahs.

Opening maps
[M]Opening maps

Drafting memo on the comprehensive map
After left-clicking on the map enter memo content and select icon. Right-click on the memo icon to make adjustments.

Sending memos
Memos can be sent to other players by right-clicking on the memo icon. This feature is currently unavailable.

Moving memos to another computer
Drafted memos are saved in your KOL folder in the ServerName_CharacterName_.TXT format. Memos can be copied and viewed from other computers.

Forming clans
To form clans, characters must be at least Level 30 and pay a fee of 500,000 Noahs to your country's [Luferson Castle, El Morad Castle] innkeeper.
A maximum of 36 and a minimum of 3 members are allowed in a clan. If there are less than 3 members in a clan, clan registration will automatically be canceled after a set duration.

Joining, withdrawing from clans
Clan leaders and assistant leaders can [Join] members. Select the character and enter [/Join clan] in the chat window and the character will join the clan upon consent.
Only individual clan member and clan leader can use [Withdraw]. Self-withdrawal results in leaving the clan by [/Withdraw from clan]. If the clan leader withdraws, the clan will be disbanded. Clan leaders can expel a member with the [/Expel from clan] command.

Upgrading clan level
Clan levels can be raised with the country CONT of clan members. Clan points are tabulated by the country CONT of clan members combined divided by the maximum clan member number (36).

[1st-grade clan] Over 20,000 points
[2nd-grade clan] Over 10,000 points
[3rd-grade clan] Over 4,000 points
[4th-grade clan] Over 2,000 points
[5th-grade clan]

Becoming a knight squad member
To become a knight squad, clans above level 3 can take exams administered by Secretary NPC's of each country.
Knight squads can wear capes and insignia.

Forming coalitions
Knight squads can enter form a coalition with one other knight squad and one other clan. Coalition members share a coalition chat window and wear the knight squad cape of the main knight squad.

Clan party
Party play with members of the same clan is allowed without level restrictions. However, characters from other clans cannot participate in clan party play. When a character outside of level restriction is a party member, the corresponding EXP increase will not be awarded.

Participating in sieges
Clans above level 4 can participate in sieges. They are held Sundays nights at 8 PM in Delos.

Siege rules
The clan which controls the guard tower at the innermost castle of Delos for 1 hour will gain possession of Delos. If the secret keeper stone is destroyed all other clans except the clan that destroyed the stone.

Siege weaponry
Siege weapons can be purchased from the Weapon Merchant in Delos. Large vehicles can only be used by clan leaders. Medium cars, ladder cars, and catapults can be used by all clan members.

Benefits of siege
Clans who have triumphed in a siege are deemed to possess control of Delos until the next siege, and can set the tax rate for Moradon and Delos. Tax can be adjusted an collected via Castle Manager.

What is the war system?
KOL offers a distinct War system wherein points can be obtained or lost via battle. Point acquisitions and losses are restricted by character rank and game rules.

Country CONT
Country CONT determines your character's knight rank and clan points. Knight ranking is available on the KOL Web site. A daily national stipend is awarded which can be collected from the [Knight Squad Secretary] at the castle of every country.

War zones
Regions for waging war are include Perpetual War Zones Ronark Land and Arrdream, and Lunar Gate, the event war zone. Only players above Level 30 are allowed to enter Ronark Land and Lunar Gate, and higher than Level 30 and lower than Level 59 for Arrdream.
A minimum of 1 country CONT is required for entry into Perpetual War Zones.

Country CONT acquisition, loss
50 country CONT are awarded upon killing opponents and 50 are lost if your character is killed. In the Lunar Gate, CONT loss is reduced to half, or 25.
During party play, an additional +14% country CONT per party member (excluding yourself) is awarded.

What is the ladder system?
KOL's War system allows players to assess their characters' abilities.

Ladder points
Ladder points determine a characer's Ladder rank.
Ladder ranking is available on the KOL Web site, and a daily national reward is awarded according to rank. Ladder points are initialized on the 1st of every month. Rewards can be collected from the [Knight Squad Secretary] at the castle of every country.

Where can ladder points be obtained?
Can be obtained from Perpetual War Zones and Lunar Gate.

Ladder point acquisition, loss
Ladder points are awarded when a character kills a character of an opponent country according to character level difference.
For equal levels, point aquisition is distributed in a 50/50 ratio.
If a character with a higher level kills a character with a lower level, -5 is awarded for each level difference. The dead character loses an equal number of points. If a lower leveled character kills a higher leveled character, +10 points for each level difference is awarded. The dead character loses an equal number of points. If the character that is killed does not possess ladder points, 20 points are awarded regardless of level.
However, if a characer is killed in the Lunar Gate, point loss reduces to half.
During party play, an additional +14% ladder points per party member (excluding yourself) is awarded.

What is Lunar Gate?
Lunar Gate is a large-scale war war between opposing nations occurring Friday nights from 8 PM - 10 PM.

Participating in Lunar Gate
All players above Level 30 can participate in the Lunar Gate. Participation takes place in a first-come-first-served basis, and the maximum number of participants may fluctuate.

Lunar Gate rules
In the Lunar Gate, killing the opponent country's chief gatekeepers and defense captains results in victory. If neither country has killed both characters by 9 PM, the country that has killed more characters of the opponent country is decared the victor.

Infiltrating opponent countries
The victorious nation in the Lunar Gate can infiltrate the opponent nation. If the secret keeper stone, located in each village, is seized, country contribution and Noahs are awarded.

PvP in Lunar Gate
In Lunar Gate country CONT and ladder points are awarded for killing opponents. There is no EXP loss.

5 minutes after the Lunar Gate is opened the title of Commander is conferred on clan leaders of 5 clans with the most members. Commanders can give orders to fellow countrymen with [/Command].

What is the post office system?
Post office system sends letters and parcels. Mail can be conveniently sent to even those recipients who are not logged onto KOL.

What can I send?
Up to 1 billion Noahs and 1 item can be enclosed in a single letter. Basic mailing fee is 2,000 Noahs; 5,000 for enclosing Noahs; 10,000 for enclosing items.

Sending letters
If the recipient is unable to accept or declines to accept the mail, it will be returned to the sender within one week after the date of initial delivery. Returned mail is held at the post office for one week. If the mail is not retrieved within one week of the date of return, it will no longer be retrievable.

Receving letters
Press the [L] shortcut key or click on the mail icon at the top left to send or receive mail. Standard users can receive up to 10 letters and 20 for Premium users. If your mailbox is full, no more mail can be delivered until the mail is read. The same applies to returned mail. Returned mail cannot be received one week after the mail was returned. If space is created in your mailbox in the interim, the post office will deliver the mail. However, returned mail accrues time from the moment of return. Please check your mail regularly.

What is the power-up store?
Power-up stores have been provided to offer enhanced gameplay pleasure and convenience, various privileges, services, and items for purchase.

Power-up store usage information in the game
To go to the power-up store, press the [P] button at the top left of the game screen or the innkeeper's power-up store menu. Please keep in mind that while power-up store is in use, characters cannot move or attack.

Web power-up store usage information
You will be transported to the Knight Web Mall if you click on the power-up store at the top right of the KOL Web site screen. You may purchase gifts and send the to other players on the Knight Web Mail. Gifts will be delivered via KOL mail.

What is Knight Cash?
Various charge options are offered with which to purchase power-up store items; Knight Cash and Mgame Cash are applied in 1:1 ratio.

What is Gift Cash?
Gift Cash is paid upon purchase of Ultra Premium Services and can only be used in KOL. All items can be bought with gift cash with the exception of special store products.

What is deemed a fraud?
(Article 352) Crimes involving deceiving individuals inducing material transfers or resulting in monetary gain(Penal Code Article 347) punishable by imprisonment of less than 10 years, fine of less than $20,000 (statute of limitations 7 years), or as attempted fraud. (Article 352)

Prototypical online scams
Identity theft : Securing items or game money assuming an identity other than one's own; perpetrators may create ID's similar to other characters

False sales : Failure to carry out transaction after agreeing to buy/sell itmes

Transaction fraud : Inducing a transaction other than that agreed to by intentionally creating confusion

3rd party fraud: Mislead counterparts in 3-party transaction into believing they bought/sold to a legitimiate player when, in fact, they are performing the transaction with each other.

Preventative measures against fraud
As fraud is deceiving others for personal gain, caution is the best preventative method. All transactions should be confirmed with caution.

Most fraud perpetrators are individuals close to you hence we suggest you make phone confirmations and take extra caution in all transactions to prevent loss of items or game money.

Sanctions imposed for fraud
KOL policy takes no action for fraud and is under no legal obligation to bear any responsibility for players' allegations of fraud as such allegations are personal matters. We suggest you consult you local law enforcement or the Cyber Crime Unit.

However, KOL directly handles identity theft. Please report identity theft incidents in detail to Customer Service. Please keep in mind not all cases are able to be processed.

Personal command
[/Whisper] Character name whisper content - Sends whisper to character
[/Village] Returns to village; can be only be used with minimum HP50%
[/End] Ends game
[/Greeting] [/Greeting2] [/Greeting3] - Character performs greeting action
[/Provoke] [/Provoke2] [/Provoke3] - Provokes character action
[/Save] Saves game data; can be used every 5 minutes
[/Personal duel] Character name - Transported to duel site with opponent

Transaction command
Submits transaction request to character by clicking on character [/Transaction]
[/Deny transaction] Denies transaction request
[/Accept transaction] Accepts transaction request
[/Merchant] Sells items using merchant system

Party command
Invites character to party by clicking on character [/Party].
[Withdraw from party] Withdraws from party
[/Seeking party] Opens seeking party window
[/Decline party] Declines party invitation
[/Accept party] Accepts party invitation

Clan command
Adds character to clan as clan member after clicking on character [/Join clan]. Only clan leaders and assistant leaders can add new clan members
[/Withdraw from clan] leaves clan. Clan disbanded if leader leaves clan
[/Expulsion from clan] Character name ? Expels character from clan. Only clan leaders can expel members.
[/Assistant leader appointment] Character name ? Appoints assistant, clan leader. Only clan leaders can appoint a maximum of 3 assistant leaders.

Knight squad command
[/Knight squad coalition] Allies with other knight squads and clans
[/Expel knight squad] Expels knight squad coalitions and clans
[/Withdrawal from knight squad coalition] withdraws from coalition

Secret keeper tree command
[/Hide] Hides the secret keeper tree maintaining the guard mode out of sight.
[/Guard] Sets secret keeper tree as subject to be guarded, and during active guard mode, attackk those who are leveling attacks at the master or whom the master is attacking.
[/Defend] Sets secret keeper tree as subject to be defended, and during active defend mode, only attacks those who attack oneself.
[/Keep distance] Sets secret keeper tree as subject from which to keep distance, and during active keep distance mode stand in place and maintain guard mode. No movement is possible thereafter.
[/Deployment] Deploys secret keeper tree and maintains guard mode after secret keeper tree has moved a set distance. No movement is possible thereafter.
[/Rest] Sets secret keeper tree as subject of rest, and no action is taken.
[/Destroy] Destroys secret keeper tree .

King command
[/Royal command] - sends royal command to fellow countryman.
[/Award] Character name Noah amount ? gives a reward. Reward is issued from naitonal treasury.
[/EXP] 10%,30%,50% ? Raises the EXP of the territory's monster.
[/Drop rate] 1%, 2%, 3%, ? Raises the territory's Noah drop rate.
[/Rain] Number(1~100) - Makes rain.
[/Snow] Number(1~100) ? Makes snow.
[/Sunshine] Number(1~100) ? Makes sunshine.

Earning familiars
Acquired via [Familiar Tamer] Kate after reaching Level 10

Hatching familiars
With egg in possession, hatched with the help of [Familiar Tamer] Kate

Summoning familiars/Canceling summons
After placing the hatched familiar in the inventory's pet window the [Familiar Summons Scroll] sold at the sundries store is used.
Summoned familiars are indicated in the top right skill status window as 'summoned' and the summons could be canceled by double clicking.
Familiars cannot be summoned in an area where PvP is possible.

Familiar manipulation
Familiars are basically designed to move with the owner.
Familiars automatically level attacks at the opponent when its owner is in Attack Mode and they do not take any action in the Defense Mode. Also, forced attack skill is available in the familiar's skill window and attacks can be leveled at a specific target via this skill.

Death of familiars
Familiars die when the HP reaches 0 or when its degree of satisfaction reaches 0.
Upon death 2% of the EXP is lost.
This feature is currently under development.

Familiar skills
Familiars automatically master a skill when they reach a predetermined level. Skills vary for different familiars and details can be obtained from the skill window.
Open familiar window [P]

Familiar shortcut key
Familiar skills and items can be used on the familiar shortcut key.
Most common consumption items can be used on familiars as well but some are not applicable. The applicable items are registered in the familiar shortcut key window and if used they are used with familiars as subjects.
To use them click with the mouse or press a number key in conjunction with the Alt key.
Auto skill is available for selective familiar skills and right-clicking on the shortcut key window changes the skill into Auto Skill Mode.

Familiar items
Items can be mounted on familiars. This feature is currently under development.

Familiar possession
Possession enables predetermined familiars to increase the owner's EXP. This feature is currently under development.

Lunar Gate Rules [Tower of Silence War]
Friendly forces' guard tower is erected by destroying occupation guard towers stationed in each of Nareidth Island's occupation territories. Victory is determined by the total number of accumulated occupation status points during a set duration of warfare.

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