Voice Communication


It is vital to use voice communication with your clan and partymembers while playing Knight Online for a variety of reasons.

First and most importantly, it alleviates a lot of boredom. Secondly, you get to know the players you are playing with, and get familiar with their playingstyle, which makes it much easier to learn and play better.

Of course, for the serious competitors, organization is the main goal of voice communication. It is much easier to relay target locations and/or ask for help (in form of cures/buffs/tp/etc) without the need of typing.

Unfortunatly, Knight Online does not provide in-game voice communication software, so most Knight Online players use one of the two following seperate programs:

Teamspeak, which is free to download and host

Ventrilo, limited to 8 people as free version, but higher capacity available by paid services

Ventrilo is far superior in voice quality and management, however it costs a monthly fee varying between $5-$15 a month for a server that can hold between 25-100 people. Ventrilo also provides a free service, however it is limited to 8 users.

We highly recommend to use ventrilo if you are yet undecided.

A quick introduction can be found here:

Ventrilo Setup

Ventrilo Usage

Ventrilo Adminstration



Posted by Magicality on 2008-06-02 14:38:17