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Knight Online World is based on the Korean version of Knight Online. The Korean version receives updates frequently, while Knight Online World only gets updates in big batches that are known as expansions. The content of the expansion is usually the cumulative of updates released within a time period, although some features can be implemented differently or removed, such as Lunar War map voting and schedule, character deletion and nation transfer.

Below is a list of updates to KOKO that haven't been released in USKO. These updates are candidates to be released with the next expansion.

The dates next to the individual updates are the date the news item about that item were first posted on the KOKO news section. If "+ JPKO" appears next to an item, it means the update has been added to JPKO as well.

NOTE: Don't take these for certain. There may be translation errors that change the meaning. All of this info was taken from the Korean official site, not from inside the game.

System Changes

Clan system changes


Clans will be able to hold up to 50 members. Additional options to post clan and alliance notices will be added.

NP Shop security


The NP shop will ask for your secret answer before it can be used. (This is a guess. The original KOKO update says it will require your social security number, but in USKO the secret answer is used instead in features that require it.)

Trading when entering instanced dungeons

When entering instanced dungeons (BDW, Chaos etc.), you won't be able to trade, either until the event starts or you get the rejection message.

Zone / Event additions and changes

Under the Castle

Under the Castle is a "boss rush" style event. It consists of 4 stages, with 5 bosses in total (Mehmed III, Crusher Gimmick, Abyss Rainbow Hyurias, Chained Pluton and Hell Destroyer Pluton). The bosses constantly summon minions and use powerful AOE attacks. Each boss has several health bars, and a short video will be played after each health bar is down. While there is no level requirement (actually you need to be level 35 since the entrance is in El Morad/Luferson Castle), you will find it hard to survive withouth high level equipment, buffs and constant healing.

After clearing each stage, lots of boxes will spawn at the place where the boss was killed, and you will also receive quest items. After the 4th stage you will have the chance to exchange your Booty items for rewards. There are also several daily quests that can be done in this map.

There is no concrete schedule for this event. It is said to happen once every 24 hours. You can enter the zone while the event is not under way but you won't be able to do anything except sightseeing.

Delos Underground zone

The Delos Underground zone will be released along with the new CSW system. The entrance is inside the castle, the same place where the Abyss entrance used to be. The entrance to Abyss will be moved to a place outside the castle. The castle lord clan can therefore block out anyone else from accessing the Delos Underground zone.

The zone contains new NPC's, mobs and quests, and will allow you to obtain the Castle Lord weapons.

Castle Siege War changes

There will be some auxiliary artifacts on the map. Destroying these will allow the siege time to be shortened.

The "Stones of Time", when decreased by the defending team, will decrease the length of the siege by a maximum of 10 minutes.

An attacking clan can win by owning the center artifact for 15 minutes. The "Stones of Time" can decrease this time too.

The center artifact will change its capture method to that similar to BDW: you must right-click on it and stay focused for 30 seconds. There will be 3 guard towers near the artifact to hinder its capture.

The defending clan will have its allies on the defending side to help. The clans can't be identified during the siege, as they will be labeled "the attacking team" and "the defending team".

The lord of the castle can summon monsters to help with defending.

The siege weapons will be improved to provide a better siege capability.

There will be reward items acquired by killing other players. These can be turned in for buffs, just like the National Enchanter.

Blink and descent can't be used during the siege.

Abyss Dungeon will be replaced with a new map that is similar to Krowaz's Dominion. Video

Game Mechanics / NPC changes

Changes to king election

Level 50 or above will be required for voting. A NPC "[Campaing Committee] Jeros/Joyce" will be added to Moradon and near TP gates to advertise the nominees. Notices will be displayed with the name of every candidate once per hour.

The king will be able to appoint ministers and secretaries.

Commander privileges will be awarded to ministers and secretaries in Lunar Wars.

Ministers and secretaries will be able to use the treasury and form party despite level differences.

Item Disassembly

This feature allows you to turn a Medium, High or Unique class item into a random material. The fee is higher for higher class items, but so are the rates of the better rewards. Possible rewards include Chests, Fragments, Gems, and materials for "Heppa" weapons and armor.

New Items

A new weapon called Jamahar will be introduced for rogues. It will be affected by Jamadar defence.

"Advanced Old Accessories" will be released. They will be dropped by the monsters spawned by the Chaos Summon Stone.

New items from Under the Castle materials.

New "Heppa" weapons and armor that can be crafted from High Class weapons and armor and materials from Item Disassembly.

New and changed quests

See a list of changed quests.

(12-16-2009)(10-08-2009)(09-10-2009)(08-13-2009)(05-07-2009)(03-12-2009 + JPKO)(02-26-2009 + JPKO)(01-29-2009 + JPKO)

  • "Scenario" quests for levels 50~75. Each scenario consists of episodes that build on each other and require you to do various tasks to progress the story. New items for these quests will be added as drops to existing or new mobs.
  • New sets of armor: Troll Armor (level 50~55), Powerful Weapon-breaker Armor (level 60~65), Holy Knight Armor (level 65~70), King's Armor (level 70~75).
  • New quests accessories: King's Accessories (level 70~75)

Check out the changed quests page for more details on the changed quests.

(05-20-2009) Certain quest armors, including Troll and "Weapon Breaker" armors, will be available for purchase from Heppa.

Scenery, Graphics and UI changes

Item notification

Whenever someone obtains a unique item, or upgrades an item to +7 or higher (or an accessoy to +1 or higher), or fails to upgrade a +7 or higher item, it is announced to the whole server.

Friend notification

You will get a notification when a friend logs in.

Clan advertisement button

A new button will be added to the bottom bar, next to the "Menu", "PUS", "Event" and "Seed/Max" buttons. This will bring up the clan advertising GUI. (Currently the whole system is not working in USKO)

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