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[KOKO] UpdatesMay 31, 2012, 1:03 am

Some recent updates from KOKO if you still haven't given up hope.
- A "training" system where you can get EXP by just sitting. It's available from level 10 but not sure how you can get points to use it.
- Knight "Genie" - basically an in-game bot. It can attack, use skills, heal buff, use potions at a certain % of HP/MP, and repair. Once again, not sure where you can get points to use it.
- Free Swift buff from the national enchanter for levels below 20.
- Multi-clienting is officially supported (but not with the same account).
- Chat will display "user actions", which can be turned off in the chat filter.

More information will probably become available when this is released in JPKO, as Google Translate works much better for Japanese than for Korean.


[JPKO] Latest Expansion 2012-05-17 (untitled)May 18, 2012, 12:57 am

The (unnamed) expansion has been released in JPKO with the following contents:
- A new Ronark Land map (see)
-- The central area is flat rather than bowl-shaped.
-- The bases, Chaos Summon Stone and mining areas have been changed.
-- There are Oreads-like terrain effects in some areas.
-- Changed some monster locations.

- Mage's damage takes MP bonus into consideration in PVP
- Shopping cart mode for NPC's, which allows you to sell and buy items in bulk without the risk of accidentally selling an item
- Item repurchase: you can get back items that you have accidentally sold or destroyed by visiting Kaishan. Extra Noah is charged for the repurchase. There is a limit on the number of items and time available for repurchase, and it doesn't work on stackable items.
- New group chat: you can create chat rooms and join them from anywhere. It can be protected by password and made private. Enemy players can't join in.
- New premium benefits: sitting down for a certain amount of time will fill up a bonus bar. When you then go to hunt monsters, you get extra EXP and deplete the bar. When you kill players, you get extra NP and deplete the bar. The bar also resets when you log out.
- New "Chicken" clan. All players below level 50 are automatically added to the Chicken clan. You can join another clan without quitting first.
- Skill bar extended to 10 slots (from 0 to 9).
- "Arrange Inventory" button that will arrange your items based on their Item ID. The button can be used every 30 seconds.
- Trash Lock: you can lock the trash bin in your inventory so you can't destroy items until you unlock it. This is helpful to avoid accidentally deleting items while changing equipment.
- Confirmation window when you press the "Quit clan" button to prevent accidentally quitting your clan.


Reminder: the fate of Player InfoApril 10, 2012, 1:33 am

This is a reminder about why Player Info is no longer working. First, it relied on a message that could be used to query the data from any player, wherever that player was on the server. Before the shutdown, this message was changed to only return data from players near your character. Since there is no potential use for this message than to scan player info, this clearly is a targetted attack against Player Info.
Second, the accounts that were created to scan with were banned. Those characters were level 1 and did nothing other than scanning. The GM doing the banning couldn't have found anything else as a ban reason, so the scanning itself must be the ban reason. In other words, a targetted attack against Player Info.
At that point I realized there is no point to continue Player Info since it was being hunted for. Maybe the hunting has stopped since then, seeing that another site has come up with player info, but I'm not planning on restarting it here. It would take too much effort and support from other people and I have moved past KO for years now. I'm only checking back to see the state of the game and looks like it still didn't get any better.


[JPKO] Server MergeFebruary 2, 2012, 12:09 pm

The JPKO administration team has decided that the current four servers will be merged into two servers:
- Sukei + Enion -> Logos
- Artemis + Gaia -> Akara

[color=#FF0000:1i76f20a]In addition, accounts which haven't logged in from 2010 onwards will be terminated. In order to preserve your accounts, please log in at least once before 1 March 2012 (Thu).[/color:1i76f20a]

1. Duplicate character names
If there are duplicate character names after server merge, you will be given one chance to rename your character. The rename process will check for duplicate names and won't let you use them.

2. Different nations in the two servers
If your nation is different in the two servers, the nation on the merged servers will be decided based on the nation of the highest level character. For same-level characters the current EXP is also considered.

3. More than 3 characters
If you have more than 3 characters in the 2 servers, only the highest leveled 3 characters will be kept. The others will be deleted.

4. Items
Character inventories will be carried on intact. However, inventories of deleted characters can't be recovered.
For the inn, any Noahs in excess of 2.1 billion and any items in excess of 192 slots will be removed. For the selection of items to keep, Sukei has priority over Enion and Artemis has priority over Gaia.
Stackable items will be merged into stacks of up to 9999.

5. Order of characters
On the character selection screen, characters will be arranged from highest level to lowest, Center -> Left -> Right. If you don't like the order you can use the special "Rank Maintenance Item (Event)" to change the order.

6. VIP Storage
Items in excess of 48 slots will be deleted. The activation period will become the longer of the two servers' activation periods.

7. Helius War
The amount of victories will be cleared. You will receive rewards based on the number of victories you had.

8. Duplicate clan names
If there are duplicate clan names, the lower-level clan (based on Knight Squad level then clan level) will receive a name suffixed with (S).

- Kingship will be reset and a new election will be held
- Treasury will be merged from the 2 servers
- Lunar War Status will be reset to 5:5. After the first Lunar War the status will be updated to 6:5 in favor of the nation that wins the war.
- Delos Castellan will be reset until the next CSW
- Taxes will be delayed until after CSW
- Rentals will no longer be registered after 26 January 2012 (Thu).
- Letters will be deleted
- Friend List will be reset
- Clan Board will be reset
- Clans with less than 5 members will be disbanded
- An overview of current prices for Noah in Knight Online for insight related to the topic.


EUKO data added to siteOctober 30, 2011, 3:13 am

Most of the site has been made compatible with EUKO. This is the most obvious in the Item Guide, but other features can also be viewed in "EUKO mode" by adding "version=eu" to the address (or changing it from the original).

Note that since the ability to select the upgraded versions of items is based on text, and EUKO text is messed up in some places (such as with the new unique jewels), it won't work for those items now.

The spelling of "Jamadhar" has been changed to "Jamadar" to reflect how it was actually translated to English.


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